Cheeky Kea Room

Posted on Monday, 17 f, 14

It’s all in a name, and ‘Cheeky’ is a great word to describe this incredible and very special stage of a child’s life.

The teachers work closely with our toddlers as they start rapidly developing their vocabulary, building confidence, and developing social skills. Our Cheeky Kea toddlers do still need that special ‘Nurturing’ time from the teachers: they enjoy a high teacher to child ratio, and they share outdoor spaces with our Tiny Tui babies – ensuring that there are lots of familiar teachers around. The wonderful outdoor play area contains age-appropriate slides, tunnels and a trike track.

The rapid development in this age group keeps the teachers on their toes, and they constantly create stimulating and fun play for the children within a nurturing environment.

The great mix of teachers in this room can always be seen singing and dancing with a very Cheeky sparkle in their own eyes.