Learning and wellbeing for boys

Posted on Tuesday, 3 f, 16

On the of 13th April, three teachers, Jaimey,Terina and myself attended a professional development workshop that was presented by Joseph Driessen.
Joseph is an expert with a wealth of knowledge on learning and well-being of young children specifically for boys in an Early Childhood setting.
We learnt that there are five things boys need for their boyhood needs.
They need adventure, superhero play, burning energy, making things and male role models in their daily learning experiences.
As teachers, we understand how our boys and some girls are very energetic and active . Therefore, to cater for their needs, it is important to provide them with an environment that is active and adventurous to stimulate their needs as well as interests. This links to their attachment, which if the above is well catered for, the children will be able to build a strong bond with their environment which allows then to feel secure and safe.
“Play is not intended to harm somebody. Play, rougher in it’s themes and rougher physically is a feature of boyhood.”
From the workshop, we came back with a fresh mind to how we see and respond to our children’s fantasies. We are trying to cultivate a deeper understanding of young boys and working towards on how to create space for our active boys and girls to explore and processing their emotions. (Winnie- Mighty Morepork Teacher)