Melbourne Study Tour 2015

Posted on Wednesday, 28 f, 15

What an opportunity it has been Winnie, Victoria, Lalita and myself to be able to experience five wonderful days in Melbourne amidst professionals who had so much to offer, inspiring us with how to make our foundations firmer in our endeavour to provide the best for our children in terms of the Reggio Emilia philosophy.
Each day we visited a different Reggio inspired centre that reflected a particular theme.
Our first day started with Margo and Chris, they focused on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, creating relationships and developing awareness in our teachings.
Our second day was spent at the Cornish College with Kirsty Lilijegren discussing the importance of unhurried time, listening with all our senses and creating a culture of learners.
The next day was an inspiring visit to Bialik College acknowledging the importance of feeling the presence of children in the environment, past and present and making history and recognising memories.
Our fourth day was spent at Fintona Girls School, discussing the landscape of imagination.
Our last day was about thinking, feeling and relating through the arts with Jan Deans from Abottsford ELC.
Coming back to Nurture we are excited to implement these aspects of Reggio inspired early childhood learning into our culture and environment.
This is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison with all that we have learnt and we are all excited to see how this shapes our journey ahead.

Romika (lead teacher- Rosebank Rd)