Mighty Morepork Room

Posted on Monday, 17 f, 14

Our fabulous Mighty Moreporks are the ‘wise owls’ of Nurture.

This room’s focus is on our transition-to-school program. We begin to extend the children’s wonder for learning, building upon their progression in the other Nurture rooms. We foster excitement about the learning process, so that the children will feel positive and enthusiastic when they begin primary school. We have primary school qualified teachers working in this room. They understand the level of knowledge and emotional maturity that the Moreporks will need when they leave Nurture.

The teachers focus on early literacy and numeracy knowledge, and on developing the children’s independence.

The Morepork room is unique, with most of the furniture in this space having been purpose-built. The room is divided into lots of intimate little learning areas. There is a science space, art and craft area, nature corner, and a huge family area dedicated to role-play. The natural light in this room is fabulous, and there is a wonderful transition between indoor and outdoor play.

The Morepork teachers can often be seen singing and reading with little groups of children on a cluster of logs outside, while other groups enjoy constructing cityscape. As you walk through the Morepork room, you will be inspired by the learning journey that the children, teachers and parents are on together.