Playful Pukeko Room

Posted on Monday, 17 f, 14

Like a very ‘confident Pukeko strutting through the park’ our Playful Pukeko children are starting to develop a strong sense of independence.

The children now enjoy playing and interacting with their little friends. In a positive, supportive learning environment they can practise important social skills – such as sharing, taking turns, or the art of negotiation.

Pukekos are starting to extend their amazing imaginations. We provide all the resources for their imaginations to run wild: dress ups, role-play, and construction equipment are just a start. Our enthusiastic teachers work on fabulous little projects inspired by the children’s interests. Around the room there are plenty of learning opportunities for the children to start developing their early literacy skills. They will gain an understanding that letters make words, and discover which letters are in their name.

The Playful Pukeko children have an outdoor play area that challenges them, and provokes their natural curiosities.