Harold Gotheson

Posted on Wednesday, 23 f, 16

Harold is a Senior consultant for the Reggio Emilia Institute, in Sweden. He has just travelled to New Zealand giving some extremely thought provoking talks. He elaborated on ways of creating learning spaces where collective culture is part of everyday practice and the relevance of developing our own cultural pedagogy. We had the opportunity to host one of these discussions at our Onehunga centre, which was attended by teachers from throughout Auckland. We were also privileged to have Harold visit our Rosebank Road centre during the morning, where our teachers had a more informal one on one talk with Harold. His academic approach to the role of early childhood educators in society was extremely refreshing and reminded our teachers of their importance in us enabling all cultures to come together. This is extremely important in todays world where all cultures are now living together within one community, and this is exhibited in both Europe and the Pacific. It was great to have our teachers immersed in an intellectually rigorous forum, and see them thrive on the content.