Tiny Tui Room

Posted on Monday, 17 f, 14

The Tiny Tui room is best described as a ‘cosy little nest for our very special little babies’.

The room caters for babies from 3 months old through to when they have started to develop strong mobility and co-ordination (usually at around 18 months).

All the furniture and resources have been specifically selected to enable young babies to start exploring their amazing little worlds in a super-safe environment. For this age group learning is all about developing senses. The outdoor play space is focused on tactile learning, textures, smells and little physical challenges.

We structure the babies’ day around their own personal routine. The teachers closely monitor and document their sleeping and feeding in the individual Daily Diaries. Portfolios are updated with all their little adventures and personal milestones, creating a fabulous book for you to treasure.

This room has the highest ratio of teachers to children. Our Tiny Tui teachers are extremely well qualified and experienced. Many are mothers or even grandmothers themselves.