Yeah Baby- Childspace

Posted on Thursday, 15 f, 16

This month teachers from both the Cheeky Kea and the Tiny Tui rooms attended a Yeah Baby seminar by Childspace, which has given them fresh insight into some new ideas and strategies for our children.

They were very lucky to have six wonderful speakers sharing their wisdom, reminding them of our purpose and encouraging us to look deeper into our teaching methods.

One of the deeper strategies was discussed was about helping toddlers make choices which will help them to self regulate (make their own decisions or choices when they are emotional) Discovering over time that they have control of their own emotions and how they respond to things, by using gentleness, integrity, negotiation, wonder and joy has a different result to arguing, pushing, snatching and screaming.

Children are constantly observing how adults interact with each other, so be a good role model and be consistent.

The teachers are excited to put their newly learnt strategies into place in the rooms.