The Nurture Philosophy

A philosophy based on partnerships: Nurture Early Learning instills a sense of belonging and a feeling of homeliness within a fun, interactive learning environment. We build solid learning foundations through reciprocal partnerships – based on trust, respect and communication – between teachers, parents and whanau. We aim to collaboratively raise competent, confident lifelong learners.

At Nurture Early Learning we celebrate diversity and we value all cultures, religions and beliefs.

We acknowledge Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, as the fundamental basis of our practice. The centre is strongly inspired by the educational philosophy of Emilia in Italy, where educators see children as competent, full of potential, and capable of building their own theories. We strive to provide an aesthetically beautiful environment that inspires teachers and children to work together as researchers.

We acknowledge our children as capable, strong individuals who have their own unique way of being expressive. We value creativity, imagination and curiosity. We encourage children to think, to wonder, and to embrace uncertainty and doubt as the basis of constructing new meaning. At the heart of our practice, we believe in nurturing children’s extraordinary encounters with everyday ordinary things.

We embrace the gift of nature: EVERY DAY is a celebration of the natural beauty of OUR WORLD.