Nutrition and Wellbeing

Nourishing our Children: The Nurture way Wholefoods and Striving to be Sugar Free.

The Food Philosophy at Nurture Early Learning is centered on the development of healthy, informed, responsible and positive relationships between children and real food. Real food is nourishing, simple and nutrient-dense.

We model principles of sustainability through our Centre vegetable gardens, and our growing relationships with local suppliers.

Our Head Chef leads a dedicated and passionate team, trained in the specific needs of young children. The nutrition programme utilises whole, unprocessed, locally-sourced ingredients; free from refined sugars and unnecessary additives. All food is prepared on-site: In the Nurture kitchen you can find dough rising, bread baking, beans soaking, piles of fresh produce, and meat slow-cooking.

The Kitchen Café is a safe, inclusive and pleasant eating environment, where young minds are nourished, family-style eating behaviours are encouraged, and positive social eating habits are developed.

The team collaborates with teachers and families to ensure the physical and emotional safety of children with food allergies, sensitivities, cultural requirements and of particular eaters.

Our goal is to empower parents, caregivers, teachers and children with the desire and knowledge to carry the real food philosophy forward into their lives and communities.


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